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Resultat från Shetland’s 2019 Breed Show

1. Gelding, any age: 1st Clothie Night Muscari ex Emma Anderson, 2nd Clothie Night Lightning ex Budge Family, 3rd
Shoormal Vik ex Kelsey Arthur, 4th Ramnaberg Andy ex Annette Hunter, 5th Hools Voyager ex Hools Stud, 6th Laaward Olaf ex Sonja Flaws.
2. Yeld Mare: 1st Hools Janet ex Hools Stud, 2nd Bergli Holy ex Bergli Stud, 3rd Almnas Sum Sum ex Bergli Stud, 4thBlack Rose Av Bergli ex Bergli Stud, 5th Eynhallow Dew ex Eynhallow Stud, 6th Merkisayre Juniper ex George
3. Stallion, 4 years and over: 1st Strauss of Auckhorn ex Steve Rendall & Ian Spence, 2nd Merkisayre Surety exBergli Stud, 3rd Eynhallow Dutch Prince ex Eynhallow Stud, 4th Hestigarth Kristoff ex Ingrid Sutherland, 5thHollydell Hades ex Hollydell Stud, 6th Westpark Topstar ex Trevor Shaw.
4. Yearling Colt: 1st Millquoy Jedi ex Millquoy Stud, 2nd Bergli Vaar ex Bergli Stud.
5. 2 year-old Colt: Bergli Norseman ex Bergli Stud
6. 3-year-old Colt: 1st Hollydell Hindsight ex Hollydell Stud, 2nd Ladbury Elgin ex Millquoy Stud
7. Brood Mare, 4 years and over with own foal at foot: 1st Hollydell Hesitation ex Hollydell Stud, 2nd Bergli Hera ex Bergli Stud, 3rd Bayview Tiffany ex Dana Jamieson, 4th HRE Katey ex Budge Family, 5th American Pye ofAuckhorn, 6th HRE Olympia ex Budge Family.
8. Colt Foal, not necessarily produce of a mare shown in class 7: 1st Kingsknowe Van Persie ex Kristen Wishart, 2ndHappyhansel Moonshine ex Happyhansel Stud, 3rd Musselbrough Draken ex Janice & Marcus Priest.
9. Filly Foal, not necessarily produce of a mare shown in class 7: 1st Bergli Viva ex Bergli Stud, 2nd HollydellHemera ex Hollydell Stud, 3rd Filska Tiana ex Sheena Anderson, 4th Clumlie Arizona ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 5thHappyhansel Sweet Molly ex Vaila Cumming, 6th Happyhansel Midnight Rain ex Vaila Cumming.
Best Black Foal: Bergli Viva
10. Yearling Filly: 1st Bergli Visette ex Bergli Stud, 2nd Millquoy J’Adore ex Millquoy Stud, 3rd Skaw Vaarie ex FraserFamily, 4th Hools J’Adore ex Hools Stud, 5th Bigton California ex Budge Family, 6th Hools Eminence ex Helen
11. 2-year-old Filly: 1st Bigton Beauty ex Dana Jamieson, 2nd Millquoy Daegan ex Millquoy Stud, 3rd Bergli Helga exBergli Stud, 4th Eynhallow Contessa ex Eynhallow Stud, 5th Happyhansel Lovise ex Happyhansel Stud, 6th
Laaward Una ex Sonja Flaws.
12. 3-year-old Filly: 1st Bergli Gloria ex Bergli Stud, 2nd Hools Miss Jutland ex Hools Stud, 3rd Vinette of Berry exBerry Stud, 4th Bigton Aurora ex Budge Family, 5th Birchmoor Snowbunting ex Elaine Tomlinson & Joy Barugh,6th Eynhallow Black Beauty ex Eynhallow Stud.

Junior Champion: Hollyell Hindsight
Reserve Junior Champion: Bergli Gloria
Senior Champion: Hools Janet
Reserve Senior Champion: Strauss of Auckhorn
Overall Black Ring Champion: Hools Janet
Overall Reserve Black Ring Champion: Hollydell Hindsight

13. Gelding, any age: 1st Klingrahoull Cavalier ex Mr & Mrs Bromwich, 2nd Clothie Pixel ex Rosanne Rendall, 3rdHollydell Rannoch ex Julie Williamson, 4th Merkisayre Sea Biscuit ex Budge Family, 5th Filska Cossack ex FilskaStud, 6th Ulverscroft Midnight Red ex Kira Fraser.
14. Yeld Mare: 1st Merkisayre Dior ex George Tait, 2nd Brygarth Xanthe ex Michael Laurenson, 3rd Merkisayre Dallyex George Tait, 4th Clivocast Vanna ex Irvine Burgess, 5th Merkisayre Diva ex George Tait, 6th Muness Maple ex
Robert Ramsay.
15. Stallion, 4 years and over: 1st Merkisayre Kelvin ex George Tait, 2nd Merkisayre Sea Dancer ex Sheena Anderson& Pam Williamson, 3rd Klingrahoull Copper-Berg ex Mr & Mrs Bromwich, 4th Birchmoor Rosethorn ex Elaine
Tomlinson & Joy Barugh, 5th Musselbrough Expo ex Janice & Marcus Priest, 6th Clivocast Viking ex SheenaAnderson.
16. Yearling Colt: 1st Shoormal Hildin ex June Brown, 2nd Muness Macavoy ex June Brown, 3rd Schiehallion Krakenex Jackie Syme.
17. 2-year-old Colt: 1st Clumlie Viceroy ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 2nd Robin’s Brae Venture ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 3rdNortwick Jarl ex Olga Smith.
18. 3-year-old Colt: 1st Merkisayre Julian ex George Tait
19. Brood Mare 4 years and over with own Foal at foot: 1st Birchmoor Gizelle ex Barugh Family, 2nd Bergli Dimma ex Janice & Marcus Priest, 3rd Bayview Tia ex Sheena Anderson, 4th Mailand Scapa Special ex Dana Jamieson,5th Promisehill Foula Fairy ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 6th Musselbrough Isla ex Sheena Anderson.
20. Colt Foal, not necessarily produce of a mare shown in class 19: 1st Filska Magnus ex Sheena Anderson
21. Filly Foal, not necessarily produce of a mare shown in class 19: 1st Bigton Daisy ex Budge Family, 2nd ClumlieApollo ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 3rd Mailand Infinity ex Dana Jamieson, 4th Bigton Delta ex Budge Family, 5thMailand Marvela ex Dana Jamieson, 6th Musselbrough Pandora ex Janice & Marcus Priest.
Best Coloured Foal: Bigton Daisy
22. Yearling Filly: 1st Clumlie Water Lily ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 2nd Happyhansel Promise ex Vaila Cumming, 3rd FilskaTia Maria ex Sheena Anderson.
23. 2-Year-old Filly: 1st Grutness Ultra ex Sonja Flaws, 2nd Somahouse Ivy ex Sheena Anderson, 3rd HestigarthShakira ex Julie Sales, 4th Filska Zoe ex Sheena Anderson, 5th Schiehallion Angelina ex Jackie Syme, 6thSchiehallion Jade ex Jackie Syme.
24. 3-Year-old Filly: 1st Brunatwatt Isla ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 2nd Clibberswick Riva ex Jem Roberts, 3rd Zainette ofBerry ex Berry stud, 4th Merkisayre Dreamer ex George Tait, 5th Gue Rosalie ex Michael Laurenson.

Junior Champion: Merkisayre Julian
Reserve Junior Champion: Clumlie Viceroy
Senior Champion: Birchmoor Gizelle
Reserve Senior Champion: Merkisayre Kelvin
Overall Coloured Ring Champion: Merkisayre Julian
Overall Reserve Coloured Ring Champion: Birchmoor Gizelle

25. Gelding any age: 1st Glenfall Tickety Boo ex Culingford & Duckworth
26. Yeld Mare: 1st Beechnut of Berry ex Bergli Stud, 2nd Foula Lightsome ex Magnie Manson, 3rd Lignite DuskyBeauty ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 4th Parlington Anneliese ex Parlington Stud, 5th Parlington Viola ex LyndaCochrane, 6th Dazzle of Berry ex Berry Stud.
27. Stallion, 4 years old and over: 1st Parlington Quentin ex Parlington Stud, 2nd Kerswell Starbuck ex AmandaSlater, 3rd Robin’s Brae Starlight ex Amanda McLennan, 4th Zorgo of Berry ex Berry Stud, 5th Gabriel of Brygarthex Carole Forteath, 6th Hermit’s Rocket ex Mr W Spence.
28. Yearling Colt: Robin’s Brae Whiskey ex Benston Stud, 2nd Gue Travis ex Gue Stud, 3rd Brygarth Kelpie exMichael Laurenson, 4th Benstonholm X-Factor ex Annette Hunter, 5th Parlington Fabian ex Parlington Stud, 6thTawna Cavalier ex Gue Stud.
29. 2-year-old Colt: 1st Breckenlea Solomon ex Amanda Slater, 2nd Parlington Eros ex Parlington Stud, 3rd BenstonWhisky Galore ex Benston Stud, 4th Brygarth Joey ex Michael Laurenson, 5th Gue Sjoberg ex A J Williamson.
30. 3-year-old Colt: 1st Brygarth Isaac ex Michael Laurenson, 2nd Stackerhvi Karl ex A J Williamson.
31. Brood Mare 4 years old and over with own Foal at foot: 1st Robin’s Brae Orchid ex Bergli Stud, 2nd Gue Olivia exGue Stud, 3rd Glenbogie Fairyale ex Gue Stud, 4th Seva Rumba Lady ex Lauraine Manson, 5th Roseanna of Berry
ex Bergli Stud, 6th Simonside Astrid ex Robin’s Brae Stud.
32. Colt Foal, not necessarily produce of a mare shown in class 31: Gue Uproar ex Gue Stud, 2nd Bergli orchard exBergli Stud, 3rd Benstonholm Yogi ex Annette Hunter, 4th Breckenlea Firecracker ex Amanda Slater, 5thNorthharrier Yule ex Penny Gear, 6th Gue Suain ex Gue Stud.
33. Filly Foal, not necessarily produce of a mare shown in class 31: 1st Bergli Lona ex Bergli Stud, 2nd BreckenleaGylana ex Amanda Slater, 3rd Breckenlea Symphony ex Amanda Slater, 4th Brygarth little Miss Sunshine exMichael Laurenson, 5th Benstonholm Yazmin ex Annette Hunter, 6th Ruffloch Ruby ex Rosemary Cross.
Best Small Foal: Bergli Lona
34. Yearling Filly: 1st Robin’s Brae White Gold ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 2nd Breckenlea Savanna ex Amanda Slater, 3rdBergli Alexandra ex Bergli Stud, 4th Ruffloch Coco ex Rosemary Cross, 5th Parlington Faith ex Cora Ramsey, 6th
Gue Tarah ex Lynda Cochrane.
35. 2-year-old Filly: 1st Parlington Esmeralda ex Parlington Stud, 2nd Merrylees Joanna ex Tracey Anne Anderson,3rd Gue Skerry ex Gue Stud, 4th Gue Sophie May ex Gue Stud, 5th Enigma Maple ex Lynda Cochrane, 6thKingsknowe Desire ex Kristen Wishart.
36. 3-year-old Filly: 1st Gardie Jorgie ex Mr W Spence, 2nd Milday Arabella ex Gue Stud, 3rd Parlington Dorothy exParlington Stud, 4th Gue Robyn ex Gue Stud, 5th Benston Velvet ex Benston Stud, 6th Robin’s Brae Ulla ex Tracey Anne Anderson.

Junior Champion: Breckenlea Solomon
Reserve Junior Champion: Bergli Lona
Senior Champion: Beechnut of Berry
Reserve Senior Champion: Parlington Quentin
Overall Small Ring Champion: Beechnut of Berry
Overall Reserve Small Ring Champion: Breckenlea Solomon

37. Progeny Classes
a) 3 ponies by same stallion: 1st Millquoy Daybreak, J’Adore & Jedi ex Millquoy Stud, 2nd Filska Zoe, Tia Maria& Magnus ex Sheena Anderson, 3rd Grutness Phyvix, Ultra & Laaward Shalder ex Sonja Flaws.
b) 3 ponies out of same mare: 1st Robin’s Brae Quartz, Jewel & Starlight ex Amanda McLennan & Robin’s Brae
c) Stallion & 2 Progeny: 1st Strauss of Auckhorn, Hollydell Hades & Hindsight ex Hollydell Stud & Ian Spence,2nd Kerswell Starbuck, Breckenlea Symphony & Savanna ex Amanda Slater, 3rd Parlington Quentin, Eros &Anneliese ex Parlington Stud, 4th Braywood Fudge, Glenfall Tickety Boo & Dragonfly ex Cullingford &
d) No Entries Forward
38. In Hand Veteran: 1st Clothie Night Echo ex Budge Family, 2nd HRE Dollar ex Megan Leslie, 3rd Parlington Quentinex Parlington Stud, 4th Lignite Prima ex Robin’s Brae Stud, 5th Kinkell Gordon ex Jackie Syme. 6th Brygarth Nadia
ex Michael Laurenson.
Champion Gelding: Clothie Night Muscari ex Emma Anderson
Reserve Champion Gelding: Glenfall Tickety Boo
Best Exhibitor bred Gelding: Glenfall Tickety Boo

39. Horse of the Year Show NPS/Baileys Horse Feeds Mountain and Moorland Ridden Shetland Pony
Championship Qualifier: 1st Hools Rising High & Arianne Fraser, 2nd Clothie Night Lightning & Emily Laurenson,3rd Sir Winston Av Bergli & Aimee Budge, 4th Buxted Military Man & Rebecca Fraser, 5th Ulverscroft MidnightRed & Nina Fraser, 6th Mailand Silverstone & Rebecca McNab, 7th Clothie Night Echo & Katie Budge, 8th HREAladdin & Jemima Budge, 9th Clothie Night Yarrow & Connie Dickie.
53. NPS Scotland/Kilmannan Stud Novice Ridden Mountain & Moorland Championship: 1st Buxted MilitaryMan & Rebecca Fraser, 2nd Sir Winston Av Bergli & Emily Laurenson, 3rd Shoormal Vik & Bethany Dickie, 4th Clothie
Night Muscari & Emma Anderson.
40. NPS Scotland/Kilgraston School M&M First Ridden Championship: 1st Clothie Night Lightning & Fay Emms,2nd Yitter of Grutness & Heidi Dickie, 3rd Hollydell Rannoch & Julie Williamson.
41. NPS Scotland/Kilgraston School M&M Lead Rein Championship: 1
st Klingrahoull Gypsy & Heidi Dickie, 2ndClothie Night Lightning & Fay Emms, 3rd Hools Janet & Layla Kirkness, 4th Hools Voyager & Daisy Irvine, 5th
Shoormal Vik & Elise Sutherland, 6th Schiehallion Murphy & Lori Duncan.
Ridden Champion: Hools Rising High & Arianne Fraser
Reserve Ridden Champion: Klingrahoull Gypsy & Heidi Dickie
42. YOUNG HANDLERS 8 years and under: 1
st Clothie Night Lightning & Fay Emms, 2nd Yitter of Grutness & Heidi
Dickie, 3rd Hollydell Rannoch & Julie Williamson, 4th Schiehallion Murphy & Lori Duncan, 5th Eynhallow Dew &
Finlay Brough, 6th Hools Voyager & Daisy Irvine.
43. YOUNG HANDLERS 9 – 12 year: 1st Klingrahoull Gypsy & Bethany Dickie, 2nd Hools J’Adore & Daisy Irvine, 3rdClothie Zircon & Ashley Hunter, 4th Clothie Night Echo & Katie Budge, 5th Ramnaberg Andy & Shona Hunter, 6thClothie Night Lighting & Emily Laurenson.
44. YOUNG HANDLERS 13 – 18 years: 1st Hermits Secret Dream & Reece MacLeod, 2nd Birchmoor Snowbunting &Emily Mayfield, 3rd Clothie Night Yarrow & Connie Dickie, 4th Clothie Night Muscari & Emma Anderson, 5thHollydell Rannoch & Kailee Tait, 6th Clothie Pixel & Hannah-Lisa Laurenson.

45. Cradle Stakes Working Hunter (Lead Rein/Assisted): 1st Clothie Night Lightning & Fay Emms, 2nd Yitter ofGrutness & Heidi Dickie, 3rd Hollydell Rannoch & Julie Williamson, 4th Schiehallion Murphy & Lori Duncan, 5thRamnaberg Andy & Libby Hunter, 6th Yitter of Grutness & Logan Sale.
46. Novice Working Hunter: 1st Merkisayre Sea Biscuit & Aimee Budge, 2nd Clothie Night Echo & Emily Laurenson,3rd Clothie Night Lightning & Katie Budge, 4th Buxted Military Man & Rebecca Fraser, 5th Clothie Night Yarrow &Connie Dickie, 6th Hools Rising High & Arianne Fraser.
47. NPS Scotland/Kingfisher Building Products Mountain & Moorland Open WHP Championship: 1st Hools RisingHigh & Arianne Fraser, 2nd Clothie Night Echo & Katie Budge.
Working Hunter Champion: Merkisayre Sea Biscuit
Reserve Working Hunter Champion: Hools Rising High & Arianne Fraser
Overall Ridden Ring Champion: Klingrahoull Gypsy & Heidi Dickie
Overall ridden Ring Reserve Champion: Hools Rising High & Arianne Fraser

48. Pairs, Tandems, Unicorns: No entries
49. Pony driven to a single vehicle: 1st Hools Voyager & Toots Cromarty, 2nd HRE Aladdin & Hannah Budge, 3rdUlverscroft Midnight Red & Kira Fraser.
50. Junior Whip: 1st HRE Aladdin & Ellen Thom, 2nd Ulverscroft Midnight Red & Nina Fraser.
51. Exercise Vehicles: 1st Hools Voyager & Toots Cromarty, 2nd HRE Aladdin & Hannah Budge
52. Cones Class 1st Hools Voyager & Toots Cromarty, 2nd HRE Aladdin & Hannah Budge
Driven Ring Champion: Hools Voyager & Toots Cromarty
Driven Ring Reserve Champion: HRE Aladdin & Hannah Budge
The Merlin Trophy – Best Novice Pony: Brunatwatt Isla
The Seva Trophy – Best Broken Coloured Pony: Clumlie Viceroy
The Normandykes Trophy – Best Pony Bred in Shetland: Merkisayre Julian
The Seva Harry O Trophy – Best Pony Bred in Wales: Seva Rumba Lady
The Nashes Trophy – Best Exhibitor-Bred Pony: Merkisayre Julian
The Annwood and S.P.S. Australia Trophies – Best Broodmare: Hollydell Hesitation
Catchpole Trophy – Best Stallion: Strauss of Auckhorn
The Marshwood Rose Bowl – Best Junior Excluding Foals: Merkisayre Julian
Supreme Champion: Merkisayre Julian
Reserve Supreme Champion: Beechnut of Berry

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